The Contract process for Sale

Flow of the purchase.

(1)Proposal of properties.

You can just tell us your needs and we propose properties that matches your needs.

(2)View of properties.

Our staff will take you to show the properties that interest you. You should carefully check their interior and neighborhood conditions.
※Please note that it may take a long time to view properties.

(3)Purchase application.

You need to fill in the purchase application after determining the property you want to purchase.
The purchase price, payment method, home mortgage use or not and delivery date are filled in the purchase application to be signed and sealed. Our sales staff make all arrangements with the seller for the conditions based on the purchase application and investigate the property to prepare the contract documents.

(4)Prior confirmation of the home mortgage.

The prior confirmation of the home mortgage is important to proceed the sales contract with peace of mind.
We recommend you to ensure the home mortgage for your requests with banks in advance of the sales contract if you use the home mortgage.

(5)Explanation of the important matters.

It is very important to check and confirm the property conditions and the contract details by the explanation of the important matters.
The “Explanation of the important matters” is literally to explain the important matters about the property prior to close the sales contract.
Stipulations such as rights in the real estate registry, legal restriction for reconstruction in the future, relation between land and roads and for the case of the cancellation are described. Our sales staff who is certified as the real estate transaction specialist explains the “Explanation of the Important Matters” so you can feel free to ask questions for fully understanding to sign and seal.

(6)Conclusion of the sales contract.

The sales contract documents are prepared under the agreement between the buyer and the seller and then the sales contract is concluded.
At the sales contract we conduct the final confirmation about the contract details based on the sales contract describing the details of the transaction and the contractor`s rights and obligations.
In addition the seller explains about the conditions and the equipment in the sales contract with “Property conditions report” and “Equipment table”. The contract is officially concluded with signing and sealing by the seller and the buyer in addition to the deposit payment from the buyer to the seller.

(7)Home mortgage application.

In order to make a quick application after the sales contract, fill out the necessary information in the application with the required documents prepared in advance to submit them at the counter of the bank you use. The bank reviews the details about the application whether or not the home mortgage can be approved.

(8)Home mortgage approval.

The bank notices the home mortgage approval once the application is approved. Please note that the notification must be given before the due date of the home mortgage approval stipulated in the sales contract.

(9)Conclusion of the home mortgage contract.

The home mortgage contract must be concluded before the execution of the home mortgage.

(10)Balance settlement and delivery of the property.

The home mortgage is executed to settle the remaining balance. The bank registers a mortgage on the purchased property.
The judicial scrivener who takes care of the registration such as transfer of ownership receives required documents to apply for the registration.The remaining balance that
deducted the deposit payment from the purchase price is settled since the deposit payment is appropriated for the part of the purchase price. The fixed asset tax, city planning tax and management fee are also settled. The buyer receives documents that are taken over from the seller such as the bylaw, pamphlet, warranty and instruction manual for equipment. The buyer receives the key of the premise before signing and sealing the “Confirmation of property transfer” for the key delivery. Both parties settle the fees for the rest of the agent commission and the registration by the judicial scrivener.


The flow of the fees.

The sales contract.

  1. Deposit・・・It is paid to the seller at the sales contract.(5%-10% of the sales price.)
  2. Stamp tax・・・It is stamped in the sales contract.
  3. Agent commission・・・Half the amount of the agent commission.

↓ Interim deposit・・・It may be required depending on the contract details.

Home mortgage application.

  1. Stamp tax・・・It is stamped in the home mortgage contract.

Settlement and delivery.

  1. Remaining balance・・・The amount that deducted the deposit from the sales price.
  2. Registration fees・・・Registration and license tax, Commission for the judicial scrivener.
  3. Fixed asset tax and city planning tax・・・Pro-rated at the delivery date.
  4. Management fees・・・ Pro-rated at the delivery date for condominiums.
  5. Home mortgage fees・・・Handling charge and guarantee fee.
  6. Insurance fee・・・Fire insurance, etc.
  7. The remaining agent commission.
  8. Other・・・Moving fees.

↓ Real estate acquisition tax.

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