For Companies

For Japanese companies relocating and hiring foreigners, we provide a variety of support for their requests with finding housing, aquiring VISA, and arranging for internet / telephone service and utilities.
Our services will be sure to make you feel the best safety and satisfaction with the full support to focus on decreasing burden of the companies and comforting tenants.

Our services to make you feel comfortable

  1. English-speaking staffs available: Our English-speaking staffs who are specialized in all the services from your arrival to departure will take care of all arrangements for you such as providing housing info before your arrival, attending when you move in, applying for foreign registration, troubleshooting problems during your living and soon.
  2. Abundant property listings for foreigners: We have abundant properties to match your requests such as a short stay for a limited term and fix your troubles in the owner`s review.

For person in charge of company, foreign employee and their families

( 1 ) Our services for person in charge of company

  1. Application for status of residence

    • Consulting and preparing required documents
    • Applying and obtaining by our agents.

    ※We can also change and renew your current status of residence.

  2. Agent services for signing and terminating the lease contract
    • One-time payment of expenses for the lease contract
      - We can advance the company`s actual expenses for the lease contract before invoicing the company for all the expenses at a time.
    • Operating report / Progress management
      - Report each itemized progress management
      - Report each completed arrangements and operations
      - Report each contacts from tenants
      - Monthly report

( 2 ) Basic daily support services for tenants

  1. Before arrival
    • Obtaining status of residence such as VISA.
    • Searching and showing properties.Support for the lease contract.
    • Arranging internet/CATV service and utilities such as electricity, water and gas.
    • Arranging moving companies, rental furniture and soon.
  2. Move-in
    • Attending when tenants move in.
  3. While living
    • Call center(24 hours every day)※This is an optional charged service.
  4. Move-out
    • Disconnecting utilities
    • Arranging moving companies
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