Efficient land/buiding use.

Proposing the best plan for land use

We can provide the best proposal based on our own knowleadge ranging from single room residence to large-size residence, condominium building and office building. We can also propose an high-qualified and cost-effective renovation so please feel free to ask us about land use before and after construction if you have any problems.

Full support after the proposal and construction

We offer full supports even after the construction ranging from tenants hunting to mediation services, lease contract and tenants management.
We can fully take over the property management under lease ranging from rent collection & unpaid rent reminder to rent remittance & payment report in addition to quickly handle inquiries and troubles from tenants.

Flow of land use

The following is the flow to proceed after the consultation with you about land use.

(1)Proposal of land use

We interview with you about the background and outline of your land for land use.

(2)Assessment of property

We actually visit the land to inspect not only its land shape and adjacent area but also road width, transportation convenience and neighboring facilities around the land.

(3)Legal investigation

We visit each public office to investigate about city planning, roads, rights, land shape and so on for figuring out how the land is legally located.

(4)Market research.

We research proper land use from all aspects based on a variety of our compiled data including market price for sale.

(5)Final proposal of land use

We propose some final plans for land use according the assessment. We can also consult each specialist including architects as necessary.

The flow after commercialization(For rental residence planning )


We determine a building plan such as building structure, layout and room design according to income and expenditure based on the market research. We can also introduce affiliated financial institutions to borrow funds.

(7)Construction starts

We handle applications, supports for neighborhoods, selection of interior vendors, attendance at inspections, process control and leasing strategy. ↓


We proceed the supports for attending the inspection after the completion, leasing and managing the building.

(9)Tenants hunting > Move-in > Management

We have the full support system for tenants hunting and management and building management after the completion.

Lease your property
Sell your property
Purchase your property
Reform/Reovate your property
Manage your land and building

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