We purchase properties such as condominiums, houses and apartment buildings.
This property purchase service is recommendable for owners who inherit a property, who suddenly need to relocate to abroad, who immediately need to realize a property for trading, and who has a property which has not been matched with a buyer by mediation for a long time.
We can assess a sales price for your property by our mediation and purchase at the same time to propose an proper sales method suited for owner`s and market conditions.

Advantages of our property purchase
Disadvantage of our property purchase
Comparative table for our purchase and mediation
Flow of the purchase property

Advantages of our property purchase

The most advantages of the property purchase are the fast transaction and realization.
Since buying and selling in the property purchase can be settled soon after the selling price and other conditions are arranged, there are five other advantages as below due to its fast selling speed and a real estate company becoming a buyer.

  1. You can realize your property fast.
  2. You can easily make a financial plan.
  3. You can privately sell your property since it does not need to be listed.
  4. You do not need to pay for an agent commission.
  5. You do not need to accept defect liability.
  1. You can realize your property fast.
    You can realize your property to have the cash at your hand in just a few days to weeks by our property purchase.
    This service is the best not only for owners who immediately need the big amount of the cash for debt disposal but also who suddenly need to relocate to abroad.
  2. You can easily make a financial plan.
    Many of the people who consider for selling their property consider for buying a new property as well.
    Even if you use the mortgage, the large amount of the initial money including the down payment needs to be prepared for trading a new property.
    This is why the property purchase could be a more certain way to prepare the money than the mediation that has many uncertainties like how much a final selling price would be and when it would be sold.
    The property purchase for trading a new property is similar to “Trade-in” in a way.
  3. You can privately sell your property.
    Since some of the sellers have no choice but to sell out a property that was just purchased for debt disposal, they do not want the property to be listed in advertisements for sale and do not want neighbors to know the property selling by real estate companies constantly bringing prospective buyers. This is why the property purchase has the advantage that you can privately sell your property just with us.
  4. You do not need to pay for an agent commission.
    Our property purchase does not require the agent commission since you need not ask a real estate company for finding a buyer with listing.
  5. You do not need to accept defect liability.
    Sellers need to accept the defect liability when their properties are sold to normal(common) buyers by mediation. But you are exempted from the defect liability in the property purchase. The defect liability is the legality that sellers are responsible for some defects found out by buyers within the period defined by the contract(normally 3 months to 1 year) after the delivery. There is the possibility that you may be required the big amount of the restoration fee for the defects to get a big loss even if your property is sold at a high price. Therein you do not have to worry about it in the property purchase since we make all arrangements for follow-up services and renovating the property.

Disadvantage of the property purchase?

The property purchase has one disadvantage that the selling price is low.
The selling price in the property purchase would be low in return for the selling speed.
Therefore the property purchase is the selling method chosen by sellers who want a property to be sold out immediately.
Since this is just a lower price compared with the mediation, it may be purchased at a higher price depending on the properties.
The amount of the property purchase is mostly 7 to 9 out of ten for the selling price by the mediation.

Comparative table for our purchase and mediation

  Purchase Mediation
Time required ・At least 7 days. ・Not sure. As soon as a buyer is found.
Confidentiality ・Never be known to others. ・May be known to others.
Sales price ・Slightly lower than mediation one. ・Based on market price.
※Necessary to discount if it does not sell.
Differences in contract ・Cash purchase
※Basically exempted from the liability for defect warranty.
・There is the loan clause for a buyer.
・There is the liability for defect warranty after delivery.
Restoration cost ・Not necessary because we purchase in present condition. ・Depends on equipment condition inside and outside of property.
Psychological distress ・No discount
・No customer`s visit
・The period of delivery can be minimized.
・There is a possibility of discount.
・Unspecified number of customers may visit.
・Uncertainty of selling makes you anxious and uncomfortable.

Flow of the property purchase

(1)Consultation for the property purchase and assessment

Please feel free to ask us for the consultation.

(2)Investigation and assessment for the property

Our experienced staff handles your property investigation and assessment for free.

(3)Report of the assessed price for the property

We propose you the assessed price and necessary cost considered with the market price in detail.


We have a discussion in detail for you to be satisfied with our assessed price.

(5)Sign the sales agreement

We sign and seal the sales agreement with your confirmation and understanding.


After the sales agreement, we conduct the settlement for all the payment and the delivery of the property.

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