Consultation, propasal and assessment for sales
Listing agreement
Start for sales promotion
Signing a sales agreement.
Settlement and delivery


Consultation, proposal and assessment for sales

  1. Consultation for sales
    We will propose the market price for sales and how to sell by the appropriate assessment of your property based on your needs. Please feel free to contact us when you sell your property.
  2. Inspection and evaluation
    We will assess your property with “professional eyes” to propose how much it can be sold.
    Our sales staffs who have excellent knowledge and experience will assess your property to propose the sales price which can be usually sold within 3 months.
  3. Proposal for sales price and promotion
    We will propose that the best sales price and promotion matches your requests by considering neighborhood, similar properties in the area and the market trends.
  4. Necessary costs and taxes to sell a property
    We will show you necessary costs and taxes in selling a property such as agent commission, registration costs and so on.
    The net profit is the amount deducted these commission and taxes from the sales price.

    Sales price-Costs and taxes=Net profit

    Registration costs

    • Registry license tax and commission for disposition of mortgage.


    • Stamp duty required for the contract documents

    • Capital gains tax(an income tax and a resident tax) required for the gains in selling a property.

    Agent commission

    • 3% of the sales price +60,000yen+consumption tax
      ※For more than 4 million yen of the sales price.
  5. For more specialized consultation
    We provide free consultation not only for tax matters with a certified tax accountant but also for complicated right matters such as land lease, land interest and inheritance with a partner attorney. Please feel free to ask us for these consultation.


Listing agreement

  1. Listing agreement
    You need to sign a listing agreement with an agent who intermediates to sell your property. Please make the listing agreement with us once you determine to sell your property. We will immediately start for the sales promotion after the listing agreement.
  2. What is the listing agreement?
    Since there are a variety of operations that must be conducted to sell a property, you can leave us these operations by the listing agreement.
  3. Main operations(services)
    1. Assessment of the property value and price.
    2. Signing and issuing the listing agreement
    3. Reporting “Confirmation Note of Inspection of the Premise” and “List of Facilities”.
    4. Buyer`s hunting(Searching for a buyer)
    5. Adjustment of the sales conditions with a buyer
    6. Signing and issuing the sales agreement
    7. Settlement and delivery, etc
  4. Types of listing agreement
    There are three types of listing agreement: “Non-exclusive agency listing”, “Exclusive agency listing” and “Completely exclusive agency listing”. You can choose one based on advantages and disadvantages of each listing agreements.

      Completely exclusive Exclusive Non-exclusive
    Multiple listing agency × ×
    Selling to a buyer whom the seller finds on his own ×
    Registration of the property to “REINS” Within 5 business days Within 7 business days Not required
    Reporting the progress of the listing operations At least once a week At least once every 2 weeks Not required
  5. Signing and sealing the listing agreement/Report on progress
    We will immediately start for the sales promotion after the listing agreement and report its progress depending on the type of the listing agreement.
  6. Drafting “Confirmation Note of Inspection of the Premise” and “List of Facilities”.
    The seller needs to notify the condition of the property when preparing the Real Estate Sales Contract. It is essential to report the present condition clearly and properly and have the buyer understand it fully in order to avoid any troubles throughout the transaction. It is required to hand-over the property in the condition that is reported to the buyer in the contract.


Start for the sales promotion

In order to make your property selling successful, it is important that your property listing for sale can be checked by many prospective buyers. We have a know-how and sales promotion utilizing a variety of networks to strongly support for selling your important property.
It is very critical for an early sellout to make a wide and effective promotion for sale.
We utilize a variety of sales promotion according to your property such as internet ad, print ad and wide connections with our excellent individual and company clients.

  1. Register your property to “REINS” network system designated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    “REINS” means Real Estate Information Network System designated by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    Since it is the online system to exchange property information for sale between members of real estate companies, your property can be reached to more prospective buyers through not only us but also other real estate companies.
  2. Match your property with our registered potential buyers.
  3. Sales promotion utilizing each print advertisement.
    We not only focus on our registered potential buyers but also conduct leaflets in newspapers, listings in housing magazines and distribution of leaflets in neighborhood for positive sales promotion to find out a new buyer.
  4. Open house and installation of sign.
    We take place the open house for prospective buyers to freely check out a property. Our sales staff is at there on the day to answer any questions.
  5. Sales promotion by internet.
    We list your property with layout and photos on our web site and main portal sites for sales to be checked by more people.
    Your property is listed in Japanese popular portal sites such as “Yahoo”, “HOMES”, “Athome”, “Suumo” and so on.

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Sign the sales agreement

We conduct a condition adjustment and property inspection between a seller and buyer in advance for making a reliable and satisfactory sales agreement and then prepare agreement documents to be signed.

  1. Adjust agreement conditions
    We negotiate and adjust agreement conditions for a sales price, payment method and date of settlement to prepare the agreement documents after a buyer submits a purchase application.
  2. Report property conditions
    The seller needs to notify the condition and facilities of the property in writing for the buyer when preparing the Real Estate Sales Contract in order to avoid any troubles throughout the transaction.
  3. Sign the sales agreement
    The sales agreement is signed and sealed after adjusting the condition and the seller receive a down payment from the buyer.

Required items when signing the sales agreement

  1. Documents for registration(Property title deed)
  2. Registered personal seal
  3. Certificate of registered personal seal(Issued within 3 months)
  4. Statement of payment for Property tax
  5. Revenue stamp fee(it is varied by a sales price)
  6. Half of an agent commission
  7. ID (Driver`s license and so on)


Balance settlement and delivery of the property

We make all the arrangement for balance settlement and delivery of the property. We explain with “Guide of balance settlement” about necessary fees and documents at the balance settlement in advance. Our sales staff who is in charge takes responsibility for supporting you to complete the transaction.

(1)Flow of the balance settlement

1.Application of registration
A judicial scrivener who takes care of registration receives necessary documents to apply for the registration.

(2)Receipt of the remaining balance

The seller receives the remaining balance and issue the receipt.

(3)Settlement of the necessary fees

The seller and buyer settle property tax, management fee and any utilities. The seller is responsible for the payment up to the delivery day. As of the delivery day, the buyer is responsible to pay the prorated amount from that day.

(4)Delivery of the relative documents

The seller hands over relative documents such as By-laws of Home Owner`s Association, a brochure, Instruction manuals and warranties for equipment to the buyer.

(5)Delivery of the keys

The seller hands over all the keys for the property to the buyer and the both parties sign and seal “confirmation of property transfer” to confirm the completion of the delivery.

(6)Payment of the commissions

The remaining agent commission and registration commission for the judicial scrivener are paid by the both parties.

Required items when settling the remaining balance

  1. Documents for registration(Property title deed)
  2. Registered personal seal
  3. Certificate of registered personal seal(Issued within 3 months)
  4. Certificate of residency(Issued within 3 months)
  5. Registration fee(Registration of change of residence, registration of mortgage disposition if needed)
  6. Remaining agent commission
  7. Relative documents(By-Laws of Home Owner`s Association, a brochure, Instruction manuals for equipment)
  8. Receipts for settling utilities(Electricity, gas, water)
  9. All keys for the property
  10. ID (Driver`s license and so on)

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